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A great turnout to our "Pizza" night.

Our friends and neighbors turned out with their ideas and comments. We are all working to grow Millstone and Monmouth County into a "people friendly" Community. Join us for our regular meetings.

The Millstone Democrats meeting schedule is:

the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.

Location: Millstone Community Center, 461-469 Stagecoach Rd, Millstone Twp, NJ.

Events and meeting updates will be posted on our "Calendar" page. Hope to see you..

The GOP will begin promoting legislation to charge a special tax to homes/businesses that use solar power (probably wind power as well) for their power source. The group behind this is ALEC, where many GOP politicians are members (some Dems but mostly GOP.) Research shows they may want to even limit oversight on fracking and oil facilities. Read below about ALEC and who are its members--corporations that are tightening their stronghold on the governance of our country.


Many families have gone solar, requiring a huge personal investments. These decisions were based on their desire to clean up the environment. Some do save money on electric bills monthly. It will be a very long time  before these families recoup their initial investment as the reimbursement for SREC's took a nosedive and promises were not kept.


If anything, solar and wind power installations should be COMMENDED NOT TAXED. Please let us watch and LET US ACT when necessary to prevent taxation on clean energy sources. Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_members_of_the_American_Legislative_Exchange_Council#Private_enterprise_board


And take a look here: http://liberalplanet.com/2013/12/05/alec-proposes-tax-for-freeriders-who-use-solar-panels/


and at: http://www.alec.org/  BE very concerned. They have too much POWER…….”


Please support the Millstone Township Democrats by sending your check made out to:


PO Box 215,

Millstone Twp, NJ 08510


 Understand the Affordable Care Act.  Click Here for the 10 Essential benefits as outlined by AARP.


 Stop the Port Ambrose Liquified natural gas facility.

You can make a difference....   Take Action


The mission of the Millstone Township Democratic Organization is to: 

  • Increase Democratic voter registration resulting in greater participation at local, county and state levels. 
  • Recruit, train and mentor individuals for public office to build a sustainable organized power base. 
  • Work cohesively with elected officials to influence policy and the political process.  
  • Build confidence in our community by creating a neighborhood outreach program and providing hands-on volunteer assistance in fundraising activities. 

MTDO is open to individuals who support Monmouth County Democratic Organization’s Mission and the Democratic National Committee Platform 


Millstone Township Democratic Organization holds monthly meetings
on the fourth Wednesday of the month.   
Check out the calendar for our upcoming meeting. 

To contact us: millstonedems@gmail.com 

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